The XR2™ Bike Rack is one of the country’s highest density campus bike racks on the market. The elevated wheel trough setting prevents pedal to pedal conflict or pedal to chain conflict while the environmental friendly TEC72™ finish protects against metal to metal contact. 

The unique design of the XR2™ securely holds two bicycles in an upright position, whiel also allowing riders to secure both their tire and frame to the rack. 

Built with theft resistant metal square tubing featuring two solid steel locking loops that provide three critical U-lock points – the frame, front wheel and the bike rack.

The base is fitted with two elevated wheel troughs, which hold the front or rear wheels firmly in place, keeping the bikes in an organized & upright position. Because the wheel troughs are set at different heights, handlebars won’t interfere with one other, allowing for a higher density of rider parking.