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With an ever growing population of bicycle riders the need to store those bikes grows just as fast. Though many facilties face the same issue, there’s only so much space. Space constraints leave facility managers and archtiects alike with the challenge of fostering a bicycle freiendly environment while also maximizing the use of their physical space. 

All in need of a solution that exhibits;

  • Flexibility
  • Affordablilty
  • Durability
  • Usability


The E21™ Vertical Bike Rack is one of the highest density commercial bike racks in the country. Perfect for bike rooms, outdoor shelter installations, and parking garages in need of high desnity bicycle parking. This leading modular design offers planners the ability to contour to any size room. The slightly elevated wheel index points prevent handle bar to handlebar conflict while maximizing space. 

Capable of being set up in a variety of configurations the E21™ stands as a flexible solution to the rigid constrains of limted space. 

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