The Penny Farthing is a memorable, easily identifiable and durable stainless steel rack that suits any public space will add value to your streetscape, increase visitor parking options, and help improve bicycle culture in your city.

The Penny Farthing isn’t just bike parking, it’s a piece of public art.

When you’re making people focused public parking, you want it stand out, be easy to identify, and most importantly, receive regular use. The highly visible nature of public bike parking means it must look good in its surroundings whilst being easily identifiable (or risk being unused).

If you are trying to make space for bikes in the public realm and actually want them to be used, you need something that is eye catching and can be placed in areas with high foot traffic.

That’s where the Penny Farthing can help. The Penny Farthing is a stylish, fun, stainless steel rack that suits any public space.

Features / Benefits

  • Stainless steel to withstand the elements
  • Easily identifiable as a bike rack to encourage (and ensure) usage
  • Multiple touchpoints to support the bicycle frame properly, avoiding toppling bikes
  • D lock compatible for added security

– 1 Horizontal bike rack (2 bikes/unit).
– FAH standard fixings

Additional information

Weight 13.0 kg
Dimensions 18 × 100 × 132 cm

5 Years

Lead Time

Ex Factory – Otherwise 3 Weeks