Bike Lock Bar


Stop the growing tangle of locks cluttering your bike racks before things get out of hand! Our Bike Lock Bar conveniently gathers locks in one place to prevent a mess and ensure a premium user experience. Users won’t have to lug the heavy locks with them on their commutes, and the room looks neat and orderly with everything in its right place.

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Pump up your team’s tyres! The stainless Japanese electric pump with easy to read gauge and heavy duty universal head.

This includes hose with presta/schrader fitting and psi/kpa pressure gauge.

Prove you’ve thought of everything by being there for users with flat tyres. The Delorean is stylish, heavy duty and guaranteed to make all users feel like their bike room has their back regardless of what life may throw at them. A monolith of hope on a rainy day.

This electric powered pump is designed with all users in mind – thanks to the wheel catch to hold the bike upright while you pump, the easy to read gauge, and a universal valve head.

Features / Benefits

  • 240V 50/60GHz Japanese Made electric pump
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Universal valve head (presta and schrader)
  • Comes with power cord and local plug.
  • Prominent easy to read psi/kpa pressure gauge.

– 1 Bike Electric Pump
– Hose with presta/schrader fitting
– Psi/kpa pressure gauge.
– 240V 50/60GHz electric pump unit.
– Power cord with local plug.
– FAH standard fixings.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 27 × 28.5 × 10.5 cm

5 Years

Lead Time

Ex Factory – Otherwise 3 Weeks